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Jaya Arwana Indonesia

Global leader in the International trading of Super Red Arowanas

About Us

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PT. Jaya Arwana Indonesia (JAI) is a privately owned Company which specialises in the captive breeding, cultivation, and trading of Super Red Arowanas. The Company was incorporated in 2019 and obtained its CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) registration in June 2020. The main breeding farm is located in Putussibau, West Kalimantan. The main office and showroom are located in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

The Company’s vision is to become one of the global leader in the International trading of Super Red Arowanas. With thorough quality checks and controls of its stocks, and the knowledge and expertise in breeding of Asian arowanas, we aim to supply the quality that meets the standards required by its customers.

About Us

Why Jaya Arwana Indonesia?


We have a group of experienced people to ensure top quality and performance at all times in these segments: Production, Sales, Quality Control, and Marketing.

Packing Quality

Our fish packaging undergoes processes in which need to be checked and confirmed before and after each process is done. Oxygen, water level, and other things are thoroughly inspected so the fish does not get stressed during delivery.


We are here help you come to a decision on the species you require, help you with what its needs are, to give ​that particular arowana a long life and the perfect environment you will need to keep it happy.

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